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Free UK Mainland Delivery Available On All Items Over £40 | 60 Day Returns Policy

Thule SlideBar Evo Roof Bars Aluminum fits Subaru Tribeca SUV 2008-2014 5-dr with Raised Rails

by Thule
SKU 935087_Railing-THULEBARKIT
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Make: FORD



Colour: Silver

Year of Manufacture: 2010

Fuel Type: DIESEL

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Revolutionise your vehicle’s roof rack system with the Thule SlideBars, offering unparalleled versatility and ease of use. Each bar is equipped with a standard T-track slot, designed for quick adjustments and effortless sliding, thereby enhancing the entire system's functionality. Especially for those keen on utilising accessories like boat carriers, the Thule SlideBars are an astute choice, given the limited T-track compatibility with many Yakima products.

The SlideBars excel with additional features: they can be released and extended single-handedly, offering up to 60cm extension on either side of your vehicle. The bars are fitted with rubberised grip panels to maintain a secure hold, even in damp conditions. They lock into place with a reassuring 'snap-lock' sound, while a red indicator vanishes to signal secure closure.

Thule’s SlideBars have garnered accolades for their exceptional design and quality, notably receiving the esteemed Red Dot product design award in 2011. Security is further bolstered by the One Key System locks, a Thule scheme that allows you to use a single key for most Thule equipment, a boon for those with roof-mounted bike carriers, simplifying key management.

Embrace the versatility and practicality of Thule SlideBars, compatible with Thule accessories, for your forthcoming adventures. It’s crucial to note that while it's permissible to opt for a longer Thule SlideBar than recommended, one must adhere to national guidelines regarding bar protrusion beyond the car body. Choose the Thule SlideBars for an efficient, award-winning enhancement to your vehicle’s roof rack system, complete with the security of the One Key System locks. These bars are ideal for various outdoor activities and meet national regulations on bar length, providing a gateway to unlocking the full potential of your adventures.


The SlideBars offer a convenient and versatile solution for your vehicle's roof rack system. Each bar features a standard T-track slot on the top, allowing for easy sliding and adjustment. It is crucial to use the T-track slot as it enables the bars to slide, maximizing the functionality of the entire system. If you plan to use accessories such as boat carriers, it is worth noting that many Yakima accessories lack T-track fixing options. Therefore, selecting a Thule system with SlideBars would be a wise choice.

In addition to the T-track slot, the SlideBars offer several other impressive features. They can be easily released and slid out single-handedly, extending up to 60cm on either side of the vehicle. The rubberized grip panels ensure a secure hold, even in wet conditions. When closing the bars, they click back into place with a satisfying 'snap-lock' clunk. A red indicator disappears when the bars are properly closed, providing visual confirmation of their secure position.

Thule's SlideBars have been recognized for their exceptional design and quality. They were awarded the prestigious Red Dot product design award in 2011, highlighting their innovative and user-friendly features.

To enhance security, the SlideBars come with One Key System locks included. Thule offers a lock matching scheme, allowing you to use the same key for most of your Thule gear. This convenience is particularly beneficial for roof-mounted bike carriers, streamlining your key management. Many other leading brands in the market also offer a similar 'one key system' for their products.

Discover the versatility and convenience of Thule SlideBars, paired with compatible Thule accessories, for your next adventure.

IMPORTANT: It is always possible to replace recommended bar length with a longer Thule SlideBar, make sure to follow national regulations when it comes to bar protruding outside car body.

  • Bar Name : Thule SlideBar Evo
  • Colour: Aluminum
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 100 kg
  • Model: Tribeca
  • Compatible Roof Type: Raised Roof Rails
  • Number of Doors: 5
  • Size: 144 cm
  • Type: Cross Bar
  • Universal Fitment: No
  • Security: Locking